Fees Policy

Standard Fees

Each hour at the Ladybird Pre-school is charged at the following rates:

  • Children aged up to 3 years old: £5.20 per hour.
  • Children aged 3 years and above for hours not covered by Government funding: £5.00 per hour.

The Fees Policy will be reviewed annually in September and any increases in the rates will be effective from September 1st.

In addition, a £2.50 fee per term for each child will be included in the invoice if your child is under 3 years old or not receiving government funding or doing more than the fifteen funded hours. This payment will go towards the administration costs of the pre-school.

For children receiving government funding

The term after their third birthday, children become entitled to 570 hours over a period of 38 weeks a year (which is 15 hours per week).  Ladybird Preschool will give you all the forms you need and the funding will come straight to us.  If you use your full entitlement before the end of the 38 weeks you will be charged at £5.00 per hour for the rest of the year.


‘Free Childcare for Two- Year-Olds’ scheme


There is an offer of free childcare for two-year-olds in Cambridgeshire who meet the requirements conditions. The aims of this offer include providing childcare to the most disadvantaged two-year-olds and to narrow the gap in educational achievement between disadvantaged children and other children in the County.

All referrals for places must go through Histon Early Years Centre, and you must be in receipt of one of a list of benefits, such as Income Support.   A full list of the required benefits, additional criteria and information about how to apply for the funding can be obtained from the Ladybird Preschool office.


We are registered with several voucher schemes; please see administrative staff for details.


Once the contract with the Ladybird Pre-school is signed you are liable for the full amount. Should sessions need to be changed this must be done in accordance with the Pre-School Changing Hour policy.





Bills and Payments

Bills will be distributed at the beginning of each term. If payments are not made before the end of the term, your place for the following term will be withdrawn.

Fees are payable if your child is on holiday, sick or absent.


Payments should be made within two weeks of the issue date on the invoice, and be paid to the administration staff between 9am and 1pm on any day. If you are on benefits or experiencing difficulty with payments please speak to Carly or Patricia in the office..


If your child is leaving Ladybird Pre-school, half a term’s written notice must be given to the office. When a child leaves in the middle of a term, fees must be paid for the remainder of that half term by their last day. (For government funded children transferring to another setting ask for advice from the administration staff.)

Voluntary contribution

From September 2010 we will also be asking parents for a termly voluntary contribution per child of between £5 and £50 to support the work of Ladybirds. This request will appear on the invoice at the start of each term.