Sun Policy

We want practitioners and children to enjoy the sun safely so we have put these procedures in place:

All children will join in small group activities to help them understand and become aware of the dangers of being in the sun.

Children will spend more time playing outside before 11am and less time later in the day when the garden is in full sun. However we are able to set up activities in the shade of the building and under the canopy.

Together in partnership with parents we will actively encourage children to wear clothes that cover their shoulders and backs, and a hat with neck cover attachment; we have a few spare hats for children who have forgotten theirs.

Letters will be sent home at the beginning of the Summer Term asking parents to apply sunscreen before bringing their children to Ladybird’s.

With written permission from parents staff will be able to assist children to re-apply sunscreen at lunchtime for children staying all day. Please provide the child with their own factor 30+ sunscreen, clearly labelled. The pre-school does not keep it’s own stock of sunscreen, because of cost and the risk of allergic reaction.