Freeflow Arrangements

One of the expectations of the Early Years Foundation Stage is to provide access to outside for all children at all times.  At Ladybirds our rooms are positioned in such a way that it makes this difficult.

However after a lot of thought, discussion and advice from Early Years Advisors we have come up with a solution. During certain times, children have the freedom to access any part of the building and garden enabling FREE FLOW.

During Core Hours (9.30 – 11.00 and 1.00pm – 2.30pm), the double doors in the first entrance hall that accesses the Red and Blue rooms will be opened and the door from the Blue Room to the Green Room will also be open. The Green Room doors to the garden will be open. Tidying up times are 10.45 am to prepare for home time and lunch, and then 2.15pm again to prepare to go home. (Therefore free flow is in operation for approximately 1hr and 15mins).

Free flow gives us the opportunity to provide particular activities in each area.

  • The Red Room has cooking activities, snack time and design and technology so all real life tools are in one place.
  • The Blue Room has a variety of construction resources.
  • The Green Room has sand, water, art and craft activities which include activities such as messy play, musical instruments.
  • Outside in the garden the children can choose from a wide range of resources that reflect activities that are in the classroom but are made available on a larger scale.

Books, computer access, jigsaws, role play areas, and tools to develop writing skills will be available across all three rooms and outside, other resources will also still be available for children to choose from.

This scheme operates regardless of the weather (so please dress your child appropriately).

Part of our contract with the Local Authority is to provide a ‘Quality Framework’. Included in this under the heading ‘Being Healthy’ is “All children have regular opportunities for physical play and activities indoors and outdoors”. Under ‘Enjoying and Achieving’ is “Indoor and outdoor provision is child centred enabling children to take initiatives and develop their independence and their own ideas”.

Focused Learning takes place between 9.00 – 9.30am, 11.00 -11.30am, 12.30-1.00pm, 2.30-3.00pm. This is a time where preschool children will focus more on the skills to prepare them for their future learning experiences.  Children will explore letters and sounds, (with a strong emphasis on listening) mathematical problems, take part in group singing and story-time or go for a run on the field as well as get to know their keyworker.