The First Day

Your child’s first day will be the first booked session after the start of term (see Term Dates)

On their first day, your child will need to bring a named bag with:

  • A full change of clothes (or two if they are prone to toilet accidents)
  • Nappies (if they are in nappies)
  • Sunhat and sunscreen in summer (please see our Sun policy for more details), wellies and a raincoat if wet, and warm clothes including gloves when it is cold.
  • Optional: Slippers/plimsolls for indoor wear in winter

This bag will need to be brought each time your child attends as we do not have the facilities to keep a change of clothes for each child. All items of clothing will need to be named clearly.

You do not necessarily need to arrive early for your child’s first session.  Just arrive at the time you have booked.

Your child has been allocated a base room; this is where peg will be.  Find your child’s name and put their belongings on their peg along with their name and explore the room together.  Make sure to find the toilets!

Your child has a keyworker, whose name you have been given. Introduce your child and the keyworker. See Your Child’s Keyworker for more information.

Do be prepared to stay for the whole first session as some children need extra reassurance when settling in. (Please see our Settling in policy for more information)

Do be prompt when collecting your child as it is distressing for them if you are late.  If you arrange for someone else to collect your child you must notify staff. (Please see our Late Collections Policy)

We ask for certain types of key information about your child in advance so that we can meet your child’s needs and help them to have an enjoyable time at Ladybirds.  Please fill in the attached forms to provide us with this information.  If your child has any additional needs including allergies, please inform staff (and see our Special Educational Needs Policy).

Remember, if your child is unwell they should not attend Ladybirds (see our Sick Children policy).